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Ellen DeGeneres | Home

Ellen DeGeneres' Book - Home

This is a coffee table treasure because it delivers on so many fronts, 

Beautiful. Informative. Funny.

Think of this book as a little bit of Ellen on paper.

She takes you on a journey of the homes she has lived in and loved. 

All the while introducing you to the artists and leaders in design who have inspired her.

"Books will warm up a room" Ellen DeGeneres

It's an easy, stimulating read because she doesn't get stuck on formulas.

Each home has its own character, be it mid-century modern, villa or farmhouse.

Her gift is her ability to honour the buildings heritage while still making it her home. 

Look out for our favourite 'Crusty Modernism'.

No, We didn't know what it was either. Stay with us

It is defined as the right amount of patina set up against the right amount of negative space. In other words, having pieces that have lived a little in a minimalist home. 

It is an exotic mix.

"What I like is rough hewn textiles, heavy well loved tables and anything that harkens back to nature. Stuff to counter the slickness."  Ellen DeGeneres

Filled with photos, tips and information to inspire you, Ellen is keen to make your home as beautiful as hers is, possibly after you win Lotto but not to be ignored as she has ideas galore whatever your budget.

We love her, so we are nearly going to give her the last word.

"Don't hire an interior designer if you don't want to collaborate. Generally they are not a mute bunch"

Hmm...Harsh but fair.

We know you will enjoy it as much as we do.