The Fabric of Flowers

Spending time devouring Designers Guild fabric is like spending an hour in heaven.

'Goddess' Tricia started her career designing interiors but, as is often the way with creatives, she became frustrated when she couldn't find the fabrics that communicated her imagination - so she made her own.

'Goddes' Tricia   Source: Designers Guild

'Goddes' Tricia

Source: Designers Guild

40 years on, and frustration swept aside, she now works with the best artists and fabric designers in the world to ensure the glorious fabrics in her head are available to all. 

How does she know what we want? Well, over years she has worked with Design Council. They are to design what the UN is to peace. Every 7 years Design Council decide on the direction design is heading. In fashion. In interiors. In technology. In life. 

And the world sits up and listens. Tricia listens too. She takes the language of design then translates it for us. With a little Tricia twist.

For the curious thing about Designers Guild fabric is that, not only will you want to look at it, but you will want to lick it, promise we resisted, this time.

Her latest collection is no exception. It is truly a treasure chest of jewel colours, luscious textures, and combinations that defy logic in their perfection.

A little bit like nature.

But there is more. A tweak in direction that surprised and delighted us. 

Source: Designers Guild

Source: Designers Guild


Tricia is well known for her love of flowers. Bold, bright, brilliant.

This season her designs have found strength in their femininity,  as she has given the flowers a rendered look, with the whole range having a beautifully illustrative feel.

Like us, you will be transported into a secret garden.

What a perfect way to welcome Spring.

Bring these fabrics into your home and it won't be about where to sit, but more about an opportunity to taste the light and feel the joy.

Interactive Homes. We love them, almost as much as we love 'Goddess' Tricia. 

A flower full of beauty.

Catherine Corbett