Perfecting the Island Getaway


It is always with some excitement that I approach a new project, especially when I'm helping someone create their home. We all know 'Home' as somewhere we can rejuvenate, grow and sometimes hide. So when someone trusts me with this treasured space I approach it with piercing focus. 

My intention is to take the best of their history and mix it with beautiful objects from today. Sometimes it is changing a colour, or moving a piece of furniture and other times it is clearing the stage and starting afresh with design that reflects who they are now and where they are heading. 

Working on this holiday home was especially treasured because I know that the space had to be completely beautiful, relaxing, uncluttered and functional. Like all of us, they wanted the design to be part of the holiday therapy.  So we cleared the stage! 

New paint, fittings, furniture and art work equals a holiday home to die for.

This beautiful island holiday home is now a place of retreat, beauty and replenishment. Exactly what good design should be.

PROJECT: Waiheke Beach House

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