No. 05

Everyone thinks that creating a room that is stylish and beautiful is too hard, or too expensive. It is neither. 

Creating the perfect room is about recognising the things that are important to you. Unique to you. Reflections of you.

Then finding ways to celebrate them.


Once you have followed our 4 easy steps.

  • Step One: fresh eyes
  • Step Two: edit
  • Step Three: curate
  • Step Four: colour

You will have the perfect foundation.

It is time to take action on Project Cosy.

The room is clear of the pieces that no longer serve you, treasures are waiting to be displayed, and your colour muse is ready to direct the inspiration to come.

Your Cosy Project Action Plan.

  1. Restore treasure pieces like occasional seating, tables and old frames.
  2. Plan and position the furniture for the best flow.
  3. Add detail accessories like cushions, rugs, candles, and artwork in your muse colour.
  4. Consider and collect new 'wow' pieces.

Have you followed the steps but still feel you need inspiration? We can help.

Stylemaker Solution.

Stylemaker Solution is all about Style and Simplicity. It is a unique system that allows you to discover your own personal style, then hands you the tools to create it.

Simply. Stylishly.

We come to you, and together we create a room of your dreams.

In as little as two hours:

  1. We audit your room
  2. Determine house genetics
  3. Find your style & colour muse
  4. Set benchmarks for form and function
  5. Find those wow pieces whatever the budget

Leave you with your own Stylemaker planner and  personalised Stylemaker checklist so you can continue creating the home you love long after we have gone.

Stylemaker and You.

Together we will create the home of your dreams. 

Simply. Stylemaker