No. 02

Edit + clear the past to plan the future

If you have something in your lounge, no doubt, there is a reason for it, even if you can't remember what the reason is. At some point, someone needed it, either you, your children, or even your dog.

So today, take an honest look at your room and decide, "do I really need this now? or is it past it's used by date of usefulness, style or meaning?

Be the cruelest version of yourself and make sure you slash and stash.

Invite an honest (but sensitive) friend to hold your hand while you do it as they will help when indecision slips in.

Remember the ideal scenario is having a room with only the coaches left in it, for now.

You want a room clear of the past to plan your future.

To clear out your room of everything is emotionally difficult but it is necessary if you are to reinvent your space. Remember you are stashing everything for now, so nothing is lost. It is just hiding for a few days while you decide the direction you want the room to go in