No. 04


Choose one colour that inspires you.

LOVE this colour because it is about to make your cosy heaven and you are going to be seeing a lot of it. We know choosing one colour from all the amazing colours available is hard. Here are some ideas to help you target the one.

Your Curated Pieces

Is there a colour among those treasures that soothes you? Stimulates you? Inspires you? This piece will end up in your room so it makes sense to use the colour found there as your muse.

Cloth of Colour

Do you have a colour that looks great on you? Everybody says so!

Use that colour as your muse. After all you want to look good lounging back on that sofa, so choosing a colour that works with your skin tone, not your friends, is a good idea.

Attraction Theory

Start ripping up magazines, not in a frenetic, obsessive kind of way, if you are muttering while you do it, best you put the scissors down, but with a quick flick of the pages, collecting any pictures where the colour catches your eye and stimulates an emotional response.

Keep flicking until one colour predominates. This is your muse.